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Genesisminds is a Digital marketing company focused on targeting Small & Medium Business owners with low-cost customized solutions for SEO, Content, Google Local & Video marketing services. We operate from Canada & India and would expand operations soon.

Our services includes – SEO on page / SEO Ranking / SEO one time / Google local optimization / Google local submissions / Google local ranking / Guest post / Press release writing & promotion / Video creation, Video optimization & Video submissions.

Our specialized team consists of freelancers & experts operating from different locations of the world. Genesisminds has launched its marketing services in Feb 2022. We are moving forward with the motto of serving our clients with the best intentions & trying to learn to help our clients build a long-term relationship in our business ahead.

Specialized OPTIMIZATION Services – Check out!

If you have a website, video, local listing, or content that needs to be Optimized, we have a special service called OPTIMIZATION Services.

Optimization services starts from $99 ( SEO / Google local / Youtube Video)

Boost your online visibility by using our Specialized OPTIMIZATION Services WORLDWIDE! We can guide you from buying a domain, hosting a website to Marketing your website.

Optimize, Rank & Promote

Our focus is to Optimize, Rank & Improve Promotion at reasonable costs. Genesisminds current focus is on core services (SEO, Content, Google Local My business & Video Marketing). We got the best offers for the Domains & Hosting website at affordable rates. Contact us for exclusive discount offers!

Genesisminds will offer New Unique services in the coming months so do stay in touch with our company.

We believe in being different by providing services at affordable cost at the same time with quality & in a professional manner. If you are a company that is looking for specially Optimization, Ranking, Traffic, or Promotion, we do provide our services by clubbing various services together as per your needs. Our company is currently focused purely on Optimization & Promotion, trying to win our client’s vision.

We work on different digital marketing strategies simultaneously, trying to come up with customized digital marketing services to serve your needs so that you can get our services at low-cost rates.

Genesisminds Core points:

  •  Company (Multiple Freelance Experts specialized in various industries)
  •  Focused Services – Optimization for Content, Local, Video & Website
  •  Offers Customized Optimization, Ranking & Promotion for your website.
  •  Affordable Costing + Customized Packages for each Marketing service.
  •  Focus on Quality, Rank, Traffic, Performance & Results
  •  Easy way for any layman to understand our Services (simple effective & understandable services, we won’t make it complicated)
  •  Marketing Optimized for Small & medium business owners
  • Genesisminds Team committed to delivering results
  • Help Client in solving problems with practical solutions
  • Customized Niche sector Marketing & Targeted marketing

We are a Special Digital Marketing Service Provider for Small-Medium Businesses Owners! (NEXT LEVEL Marketing)

Why are we different?

Our focus is on small & medium business owners who can try our services at low costs. We at Genesisminds are focused on Costs, Services & Learning Customers. Our Services are very simple for a layman (not cluttered content) to understand clients’ requirements. No Keyword stuffing! We understand customers’ concerns problems & we offer different types of solutions + customized services for various clients!

Customers always have the option to choose what to do and what not to do; we will suggest the best possible ways for customers to get maximum benefits depending on their budget. We are different because we will always find ways for our clients to come up with customized budgets & solutions by which they can get quality & prices in medium budget levels.

Genesisminds will also provide consultation on how to improve site visibility, increase traffic, and come up with different solutions at a medium budget so that long-term solutions can be reliable & strong for the clients in the long run. Our Basic Consultations & Solutions would be 100% free as we believe in our client’s trust that they place on us.

Genesisminds also provides Domains, Hosting & Mobile Friendly solutions if you are building your site from scratch. Genesisminds has a very good experience & expertise in the marketing field. We have different experts for various types of customized services at affordable rates.

Our Goals & Objectives:

  • Helping understand customers business requirements & industry
  • Quality, Reliable & Affordable Services
  • Fix Problems & Provide Solutions
  • Optimize – Rank – Boost Traffic
  •  Providing customized services as per client’s requirements
  • Increase Traffic with Quality Services (No complex marketing)
  • Focused & Targeted Digital marketing strategies
  • Affordable packages & individual customized packages depending on clients’ requirements
  • Significant ROI & Conversions
  • Simple & Easy to understand our marketing for even a layman
  • Target Small & Medium Business owners to increase their business online!

Digital Marketing Services that we provide!

  • Optimization Services only! – Optimize Content / Video / Local / Website
  • SEO On-page optimization – One Time / Ranking based
  • Google Local Business Listing – Optimization, Ranking in Google Local Searches
  • Content Marketing – Content Writing, Optimization & Promotion!
  • Guest Post – Outreach Blogging / Content Publishing & High-Quality Promotion Services
  • Video Marketing – Video Creation / Video Optimization / Video Submissions
  • Domain Services
  • Hosting Services

Why hire us? How we can improve your sites digital presence?

Every business owner needs a site that guarantees an online presence in search engines, news, magazines, blogs, social media, and videos. We combine marketing efforts within a website optimization framework because we believe optimization is a good natural solution to most site-related problems.

After the optimization process is complete, we move on to creating content, followed by content placement on your site and conducting mass promotions through Guest Posts, Article promotion, and Internal Blogging. We don’t stop here because we will also share your content on Social media to ensure your site’s online presence is as wide as possible.

Our promotions can reach all News and magazine channels through Press Releases & Paid Marketing through Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Focus on Branding & Visibility through paid social media & also paid promotions at various news sites has been proven to significantly increase traffic in a relatively short time.

So, by combining essential aspects such as SEO, Content, Guest Posts, Paid Marketing, Social Media, etc., we can increase the visibility of your site in the eyes of search engines, increase traffic and strengthen your branding at once.

Focus on Quality Content, Optimization & Ranking!

In short, our Digital Strategy emphasizes Keywords, Content, Optimization, Landing Pages, and Authority Links.

If you think that the only thing we do is marketing, then you are wrong! We also work on research and data collection to create customized marketing strategies. Genesisminds focuses on keywords, content & links where we try to optimize at the maximum so that client’s site can get natural traffic for the long term.

“GENESISMINDS SEO Services Advantage – Focus on Natural LongTerm Traffic”Genesisminds focuses on increasing long-term natural traffic. With the increase in natural traffic, your site can be maintained for a long time on the Google search engine and with high visibility. We build & promote relevant authority links so that client’s site can sustain in Google search engine with high visibility for the long term No Spam and No Gimmicks!

“GENESISMINDS – Relevant Content & Relevant Links = 100% Success in any Digital Marketing Strategy!”

If you follow our Digital Marketing Strategies in your Business, then we can assure you will get 100% success.

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Genesisminds SEO Service Ontario

In the end, we would like to emphasize that we would also come up with some of the latest individual services and key services such as E-Commerce & Mobile Services in the future. Currently, we are only focusing on Digital Optimization & Promotion Marketing Services, but we will come up with new exciting things to offer in a short time.

Genesisminds is the best answer you can get. We employ specialized experts with different skills so that every solution you get is professionally handled.

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