SEO Consultant Toronto offers Exclusive Services focused on Google Business Profile, On page SEO, Monthly SEO Services starting from $99 & $159 pm respectively. #1 Toronto SEO Consultancy company – Genesisminds.

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Get your website Optimized for $99/5 keywords – Discounted PRICE!

  •  Hire a Toronto SEO Expert!
  • On page SEO starts from $99/ 5 keys
  • Monthly SEO starts from $159/ 5 keys + 10 longtail keys

2 Types of SEO Services – On page SEO & Monthly SEO

1. On page SEO

On page seo is where we get your site optimized based on the keywords you choose. 2-5 pages will be optimized based on the packages you select. Toronto On page optimization will cover Titles, desc, keywords, content optimization, links, images.

Everything will be optimized. Once a page is optimized, it can be used to promote via Off page, Link building or any Paid promotion methods. On page SEO is the fundamental part of any SEO process, which is the reason before any promotion the page itself needs to be optimized.

On page SEO starts with $99/5 keys.

2. Monthly SEO

toronto monthly seo services

Monthly SEO services are for those business owners who want to get their website ranked on Google by various targeted keywords based on their industry & niche.

To get your keywords ranked you need to go with Toronto Monthly SEO services, where we do both On page + Off page every month. The off page consists of Link building & Paid promotion methods where we try to promote your website across various Blogs & Directories to get visibility & rank for your website.

The minimum period for SEO Monthly services is 6 months. Monthly SEO Starts from $159/ pm, 5 keys

Hire a SEO Specialist in Toronto!

How does On-page SEO work? ( SEO Marketing services)

We first understand the nature of your business and then analyze your website. We try to find out the problems within your site and come up with solutions by creating a customized SEO strategy along with an action plan.

Our target is to get your site well optimized which is the reason for doing On-page optimization. SEO Optimization will be all done on your website pages based on your targeted keywords.

Focus will be on (Keywords / Content / Links/ Technical) On-page Optimization, if done properly, can give you high ranking results in Google.

On page SEO checklist

  • Analysis of your website strength
  • Fixing problems on your website
  • Optimized keywords – long-tail, low competition & search intent-based keywords
  • Optimize page titles and meta descriptions
  • Optimize page content – Content duplication + other issues
  • High-quality content publishing
  • Headings and content formatting
  • SEO Images optimization
  • Video optimization
  • Optimize URL length
  • Link optimization – External links
  • Site Structure optimization
  • Menu, Categories optimized
  • Page loading speed (technical)
  • Mobile-friendliness (technical)
  • Schema Implementation
  • Technical issues like Canonical URLs, redirect 301, www and non www versions, SSL installation, page speed
  • Google webmaster search console setup + Google analytics setup to monitor & improve your keywords ranking, page core web vitals, etc.

SEO Benefits & Features

seo benefits toronto


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does SEO take to rank in Google? Digital Marketing Toronto

    SEO Ranking depends on the keywords you choose + the strength of your current website. SEO on average takes 6-8 months to rank again depends. However, from our side, you can see results within the first month itself if all SEO activities are carried out properly. Hire a Cheap SEO Toronto Expert in CANADA to start with your Monthly SEO services.

  • What do our Toronto SEO services include?

    We offer Customized SEO-based solutions that can help your investments in SEO to be Affordable & Flexible. Our SEO Services is focused on On page SEO & Monthly SEO Services.

  • How much does On page SEO services cost in Toronto, CANADA?

    Affordable On page SEO Optimization starts from $99/ 5 keys. Get your pages Optimized with the keywords you want to target for. Check out our Genesisminds Toronto Onpage SEO Packages.

  • How much do SEO services for Small business cost per month?

    Affordable Monthly SEO ranking services starts from $159/ pm, 5 keys. If you are looking to get your website ranked for multiple keywords in google then you need to go for monthly seo services. Ranking keywords take time but you will get long term benefits when using monthly seo.

    Minimum 6 months is required for any SEO project to show results depending on the competition and the keywords you target for.

  • Why you should invest in SEO for your business? – Toronto SEO Expert!

    Visibility + Branding of your website is the key and most important parts of SEO. This is why investing in SEO for the long term is a must. SEO is for long-term benefit! Search Engine Optimization (SEO optimization) can bring you Quality Traffic – Based on Optimized search intent-based keywords, you can get traffic, links and leads based on your business. Targeting long-term and low competition keywords can bring in traffic to your website which is a boon in SEO.

    Affordable SEO investment – SEO is not expensive like other marketing channels. It is natural, organic, and long-term. You can save thousands of dollars spent on advertisements. Once you have done SEO properly for 6 months in a committed manner, it will give you excellent results for a long time as long as you implement correct SEO strategies on your website. Minimum 6 months of quality SEO is needed. You will get to see results showing from the 1st month itself, though a lot depends on the keywords you target.

    SEO investment is all about learning how to create trust & relationships between a website & users-Once you build a credible site with Optimized SEO and follow all Google’s guidelines, it will pay you in the end. SEO is all about Trust Marketing focused on users. Invest money in building Trust with your users.

    Increase your ROI to the next level by working on multiple keywords. It can bring you High-end traffic + Increased ROI via Videos & Optimized Images ( Advance level of SEO) marketing. With focused ROI investments based on your SEO data, you can increase your traffic up to 10 times.

    Google local optimization also plays a crucial role within your local area, as ranking in Google local can bring you local leads + brand value.

  • How SEO can help your business?

    Optimized Keywords play a great role in attracting customers based on your niche industry. Via optimized keywords, SEO can bring in local to search intent-based traffic. Increased Engagement with your users via SEO. If your content is optimized + encourages visitors to read your content, then your keywords can rank in Google because of engagement.

    Lead generation – You can increase your leads through SEO via quality search intent + buyer-based keywords which can increase your chances of conversion and lead generation . Optimized pages via keywords can get you great leads.

    SEO via optimized keywords increases CTR, Impressions on the page, Average ranking positions

  • What is the value of SEO?

    The value of SEO depends on your Investments made on a long-term basis. Value is not created in a single day. It takes time but in the end, the returns will be manifold. Because SEO is natural and organic, you can come to know its real value.

    The value of SEO depends on the content you create. Engaging content can bring in visitors to your website which can result in leads. For example, if you are into home building and you write content about tools related to home building, then Engaging content related to your tools can bring in Home improvement traffic which can get you enquires as well

    Value of SEO depends on your user experience. A site must be visible and its user experience must be clear and to the point. Sites that are designed based on user flexibility bring more value to the site.

    Brand reputation – SEO value can bring in a great Brand reputation because users will recognize a company based on its brand. If your site is ranking for multiple keywords your Brand’s reputation would be high.

    When you compare with Paid advertisements, especially where you have to pay a high amount of $1,000 + and that too as long as you have the budget. Once your AD budget is completed your ads won’t be visible on search engines. But with SEO, the real value comes once your keyword ranks on the 1st page then you just have to maintain it monthly with minimum investments. That’s the real value where you save thousands of dollars.

  • Why on-page SEO is important? SEO Company Toronto- GENESISMINDS

    On-page SEO is the first & the most crucial step to Optimization where we try to get your site optimized. We work on core sections (Keywords / Content / Links/ Technical). We optimize titles, descriptions, keywords, links, content, images, and video embed. We also carry out technical optimization, website analysis & SEO reporting. Optimized keywords via long-tail, low competition keywords can bring in traffic to your website. You have a website but you only do promotions.

    It won’t work that way. Only an Optimized website, when promoted, can rank on several keywords in search engines. Once you rank your website, it gets traffic automatically. Google focuses on E-A-T, which stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, so you need to create content which is engaging, trustworthy, and high-quality. Optimized content can bring in more visitors to your site.

    Optimized Headlines and Punchlines can rank in search engines + also attract users to get attracted. On-page Optimization is done from Domain level to Page-level. If done correctly by choosing the right keywords, your website is ready to rank on search engines. Once ranked in the search engine, you can get traffic, leads, and inquiries to your website. It’s all about how you optimize, which keywords you chose, and whether your keys are search intent based.

Get your Site Optimized – Toronto Onpage SEO Optimization starts at $99

Get your Site Leads & Traffic – Toronto Monthly SEO Ranking starts from $159/ pm ( Rank in Google)

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