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Genesisminds is a SEO Consulting company specializing in digital marketing offering a range of marketing services such, as SEO, Local SEO GMB, keyword research, Video, WordPress Customization and Social media services.

Pro SEO Services available in USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA, NZ

100% Pure Digital Marketing company focused on providing services at budget level rates. Canada digital marketing company Genesisminds focuses on core digital marketing services like Optimization, Ranking, Branding, Promotion &High end Traffic.

*Discounted SEO Services

100% Digital MARKETING Services – Customized, Professional & Affordable Services!

What we offer for your Business


SEO Services

Technical SEO & Keyword research Customized services available!

Genesisminds, a SEO company provides SEO optimization services, in Canada and the USA. If you aim to boost Traffic and generate Leads opting for SEO services is essential. SEO emphasizes driving traffic that ultimately results in long term conversions.
Optimize(SEO) your website first & then get your site Promoted for Search Engine Rankings! Natural Search Engine Optimization works in the long term.
SEO consultant in CANADA focus on increasing your organic Traffic, Sales & Backlinks. GENESISMINDS SEO Consultant focuses on Keyword research, On page optimization, Off page optimization, Content Optimization, Link building& Technical SEO. The team of Genesisminds SEO experts tackles challenges by providing solutions that work effectively at the time.

Find Canada Inexpensive SEO Services:

  • SEO Optimization starts from as low as $99 / 5 keywords
  • SEO Monthly Ranking starts from $159 / 5 keywords
  • One Time SEO Starts at $175 / 5 keywords

Local SEO (GMB)

Google Local SEO Services ( Google Business Profile):

Find Canada Inexpensive SEO Services:

Are you Looking for Leads, Customers ? Optimize or Claim your Listing!

Google Business Listing is the answer. Get your business listings Optimized on Google Business Profile & at the same time Claim your Listings on Google Maps. LOCAL SEO plays are crucial role when it comes to acquiring leads. If you are small medium business owners Get your business Listed, Get your business Claimed & Optimized by GENESISMINDS. Don’t waste time – GMB is the best way to acquire Local Leads!

GMB Audits:

At Genesisminds we also provide GMB Audits that involve evaluating your GMB Profile, photos, content, descriptions, categories, links, research and competitors.

Digital Marketing CompanyGenesisminds offers Google Local SEO Services for Vancouver, Calgary, Brampton, Mississauga, Ontario, Toronto and many Local places in Canada & USA

* Google Business Local (GMB) Optimization & Listings

Rank in your Local Area via GMB Services.
Attract new customers & gain visibility!
Google Business Optimization starts from $99

  • Basic Google Local Optimization starts at $99
  • One Time Google Local Optimization – $149
  • Google Business Local Ranking – $139/ p.m

Guest Post Services: (Content marketing)

Genesisminds Toronto digital marketing company offers Guest Post services in CANADA & USA.

* Get your articles published on High Quality Niche relevant Guest Blog industries for Massive Traffic, Backlinks & Exposure.

  • Guest Post starts from as low as $40-$100 / DA 30+
  • Manual Outreach Guest Post Services $70-$130 / DA 50+
  • Premium Guest post Publishing range between $150-$500+ / DA 70+


Genesisminds now offers Social Media Management services focused on various customized services as under.

  • Instagram Social media Management
  • Reels Creation for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube Shorts
  • Video Creation for Youtube( long videos)
  • Facebook Paid ads – Increase followers
  • Instagram Paid Boost Ads
  • Banners Design – Banners for Instagram, Facebook or any Social Networks

(SEO Expert CANADA) Search Engine Optimization – Genesisminds

Unique & Passionate group of SEO experts – Customer Satisfaction Our Goals!

Find here for Local SEO Services – Hamilton SEO ServicesVancouver seo services online
Local SEO Services check out here Mississauga Local SEO Expert Google
Do you need only Optimization services starts from $99

Genesisminds internet marketing company – We are a unique Canadian SEO Consultant company and are different from other companies. We at Genesisminds focus heavily on customer satisfaction & increase in long term goal or repeat business online!

What Sets us apart from other Large Companies?

What sets us apart from other large companies is that they tend to charge higher rates along with the increase in work specifications. We, on the other hand, always try to set a custom rate than our competitors considering we work with many experts from all over the world and the difference in currency exchange rates in each country enables us to provide a variety of quality services at more affordable prices.
All our services can be customized as per clients budgets.

Why Do Business Owners Choose Genesismindsfor Digital Marketing Company?

  • Customized packages for various solutions (Optimization, Ranking, Traffic, Promotion, Social Management, Content, Video, Local SEO, Technical SEO)
  • Affordable packages as per client’s budget (Small & Medium Businesses)
  • Free consultation for business owners
  • Solutions based on customer’s requirement, we fix problems & provide real solutions
  • We are different, no gimmicks, no spam, we don’t clutter and we talk straight to the point
  • No lengthy procedures (fast & simple focused marketing strategies)
  • Targeted special customized traffic services
  • 100% quality services & customer satisfaction guaranteed if you follow our methods!

Inexpensive SEO Consultant ( Understanding Customer) Why Are We Different?

We provide simple marketing strategies based on understanding customer & being realistic. We are a different company focused on customers where we provide our clients customized packages and solutions specially targeted to Price & Quality with options.

Business owners need online presence, traffic, visitors, site optimization from domain to hosting as everything is much needed. We fulfil most of the core needs of optimization, ranking & boosting traffic where we have customized packages so that you can always get the best options to choose.

Another reason why we are different is that we have experience (good & bad) in the digital industry (SEO, Content Social, and Paid Promotion). This is the strong reason we can exactly provide you with correct advice & information depending on your budgets.

Layman’s understanding of our marketing style:

We make it very simple even for a layman to understand why marketing is needed in first place, how we execute it and when to expect the results.

We use simple pure marketing strategies straight to the point. No old methods used. Our marketing efforts will be realistic, we won’t give false advice to our clients (we will always give them options) to chose packages as per their needs.

If you have a website and you feel that you are not getting enough visitors OR if you want to start from scratch (domain to hosting to marketing), we provide all in one pack too with customized packages as per your budget.

Inexpensive SEO Services from Genesisminds (Packages) Budgets!

We understand the budgeting in terms of marketing and we also understand that the prices must be affordable for our clients. This is the reason why we come up with different SEO Packages for different needs from Optimization, Ranking, and Social Media to Traffic.

If you’re not still unsure, we can provide free consultation in order to give you better packages & customized solutions. We also provide digital marketing consultations for clients who are focused in upgrading there business to new levels.

( Internet Marketing Company) SEO Services – Canada SEO Services

All Prices are Discounted & is for a Limited TIME OFFER!

Genuine marketing is not really easy! Patience & Dedication is needed!

Marketing is not easy as in reality it is a combination of special understanding of customer’s site, skills, digital strategy, the right approach and investment as well. Any website that needs traffic, conversion or business needs to understand fully about the business and also needs to have patience.

Free Services from Genesisminds( Available to all SEO Packages)

  • Free SEO Analysis
  • Free SEO Consultations
  • Free Social network sharing

Get your site SEO Optimized first, then Promote it via SEO Off page Monthly Ranking services. Hire SEO Expert for Local SEO, Guest posting, On page SEO expert, Video optimization & promotion starts from $99.

Our focus is on SEO, Google Local business listings, Content marketing(Guest post), Youtube Video Marketing & Special Optimization services.

Get your site SEO Optimized & Make your site Mobile Friendly!

Make sure your website is Optimized & is mobile friendly. Mobile friendly sites tend to rank better in search engines. Let’s Get Started! Try Our Optimization Services from as low as $99 Package!

Checkout our Internet Marketing Services & SEO Packages to know more about our Customized Digital Marketing Services for Small and Medium Business – Contact us!

GENESISMINDS Digital Marketing Company offers SEO Services in CANADA & USA. (ontario, hamilton, brampton, mississauga, edmonton, montreal, toronto, vancouver, calgary )

Hamilton SEO Services

We are a passionate group of dedicated freelance (SEO Experts Canada) who can handle all types of marketing services with confidence & with highest quality when it comes to customized digital marketing services at a low rate.Which Leads to Greater Business Growth!

Genesisminds now offers Special Customized Services!

WordPress Customization / Log Design / Banner Design

*WordpressTheme Customization Services:

Genesisminds offers Professional WordPresstheme based customization services – WordPress installation, Theme installation, Demo Import, Theme Customization, Redesign website, Layout revamp, Install plugins, Widgets, Logo, Typography, and Color Scheme, Fix theme & CSS issues.

You brought a nice theme! Great but it needs to be customized!

Customizing a WordPress theme enables you to design a website that’s not attractive visually but also user friendly functional and tailored to meet your specific objectives ex: branding.

Looking to improve your Website, for Speed and User experience?
We can enhance navigation, update menus incorporate features and make sure it’s Mobile friendly – at once!

  • WordPress Installation
  • WordPress Theme installation
  • WordPress DEMO Import
  • WordPress Theme Customization
  • WordPress Fix Issues CSS, Layout

Banner Design & Logo Design Customized services Available as per clients’ requirements

CONTACT us for Pricing!


Genesisminds is a company focused on dedicated SEO Solutions & Digital Marketing services.Genesisminds services focuses on SEO, Local SEO, Google Business Profile, Guest post, Keyword Research, Link building services& Other Customized services.Our current prices are highly discounted and for a limited time only. We work with multiple experts around the world to get you the best world class services for you. Genesisminds experts have 16+ years of experience in the field of SEO & Marketing which is the reason we can assure you great results when it comes to visibility & ranking on Google.

LIST OF SERVICES: ( new services added)

  • SEO Optimization – On page SEO $99
  • SEO Ranking – Monthly SEO $159 pm
  • One time SEO $175 ( on page + off page)
  • Google Local SEO ( GMB Audits)
  • Keyword Research
  • Guest post
  • Technical SEO Audits( NEW)
  • WordPress Theme Customization ( NEW)
  • Video marketing ( Create Reels for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) ( NEW)
  • Social media management – Instagram Setup!( NEW)
  • FB Paid Marketing – Increase Followers ( NEW)
  • Logo Design, Banner Design( NEW)

Contact Genesisminds for Affordable SEO Services, Local SEO, Guest post, Keyword research services& other Customized Services.

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Genesisminds – Inexpensive SEO Services for Small Business owners in CANADA & USA

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