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Website optimisation services includes On page SEO, Content Optimize, Google Business Optimize & Youtube Video optimization.

What is Optimization?

Optimization means to optimize a website, Google local listings, video, content, social media & blog by various methods focused on optimization of keywords, Title, Descriptions, content, links, images, page speed, page structure, images & much more. Most of the optimization in all these sectors is focused on titles, description, content, keywords & links.

By doing optimization on various sections as mentioned below, Genesisminds can help your site & brand to gain more traffic, conversion, and clicks. Optimization would also be helpful in promotion marketing wherein you can rank in search engines via different set of keywords.

Optimization is the first step towards ranking & gaining traffic in the long run. If your website or channel is optimized it will help you in the long run to gain more traffic & conversion. These are the sections where we offer OPTIMIZATION services. Most focused & used services are SEO On page, Google local & video optimization.

4 TYPES of OPTIMIZATION Services we provide:

 SEO On page Optimization starts at $99

 Google business Local Optimization starts at $99 

Youtube Video Optimization starts at $99 

Content Optimization ( Content Writing) starts at $19/ 500 words

1. SEO On-page optimization

SEO On-page optimization

SEO On-page Optimization is the first step in SEO. On-page SEO refers to the optimization of the website. Without On page seo your keywords won’t rank in search engines, which is the reason On page seo is vitally important for all types of business owners. First, your site needs optimization on several fronts like Keywords, Content, Links, Pages, and Speed. Once On-page optimization is done properly you can try to do PROMOTION which is also called off-page marketing.

Remember, your off-page promotion will work 100% only if on-page SEO is done perfectly where it covers all aspects. On-page SEO gets the highest priority when it comes to Optimization because of this reason. The most common on-page SEO practices are optimizing title tags, internal links, content, and URLs.

Why do you need On-page optimization?

On-page optimization is done to catch the attention of search engines and to tell them that the content on the page is relevant to the query of searchers. As search engines understand the importance of your website, they start to improve its rankingHigher ranking leads to improved visibility of the website on the web. Without undertaking on-page optimization, the visibility of your website cannot be improved.

How On-page Optimization benefit Business Owners?

On page SEO, if done properly, can improve rank in search engines, gain visibility, exposure and also gain traffic, leads, and enquiries in the long run. On page SEO helps business owners to focus on their targeted keywords which can bring them traffic & conversion to their related product or service. On page SEO also gives insight to related keywords which can be used to further optimize and target users for traffic & conversion.

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2. Google Business Local

Google Business Local

Optimizing Google business increases the chances of ranking in Google local search using location based keywords.
At Genesisminds, we optimize Google business listings via Titles, Descriptions, Images, products, content which can increase more Clicks, Calls, Business Reviews and traffic

Why need to Optimize Google Business Local ?

Google Business is a listing service from Google aimed to help local business owners. This listing drives more organic traffic to a business website through Google searching, Google Maps, and Google Assistant (voice searches). If your business is locally based, optimization of Google Business becomes vitally important.

GMB is very useful to drive higher traffic to a locally-based business. Your business can get higher organic traffic, queries, calls, and reviews if the GMB listing is optimized effectively.

Your business can be easily promoted through optimization of Google Business. Connect directly with your customers and give them information about upcoming events and discounts and encourage them to give their feedback through Google Business.

Optimization of GMB listing is important for attracting new visitors to your business. However, it also helps in bringing repeat customers to your business.

3. Video optimization

Youtube Video optimization

Optimizing means to enhance or improve a video in such a way that it is noticed by Google and other search engines. It can be done through optimization of videos to divert more traffic to your website.

In the simplest of terms, video optimization is a technique that helps in indexing a video and improvement in its ranking on Google and other search engines.

Video Optimization is essential for SEO of YouTube videos. Video optimization helps in getting very high numbers of views, likes, and subscribers on YouTube.

Youtube Video optimization services from Genesisminds Video optimization services of Genesisminds are high quality and affordable. We also create informative and visually appealing videos for our clients to help in creating awareness for the brand.

Benefits of Video Optimization ( YOUTUBE)

There are many benefits of YOUTUBE video marketing such as generation of new leads, improvement in the visibility of the website, increase in organic traffic, and improving return on investment from your online venture. If Youtube Video Optimization is done by experts correctly, it helps in sending more and more traffic to your video from popular search engines like Google & YouTube Video search.

Youtube Video optimization allows a client to showcase his business logo and brand name in front of potential customers in a very prominent manner. It helps in enhancing the reputation of your business, and gaining exponential exposure for your products and services. You can hope to increase your sales, and therefore profits, through video optimization services provided by Genesisminds. Having viral videos embedded in your website automatically increases the ranking of your website.

How do we do Youtube Video Optimization?

Optimization is the first step to increase views. We optimize Titles, description, tags as per Niche industry etc and focus on the subject to engage audience about the video content. Keyword research & Indepth Analysis is done to optimize with the existing keywords to get more traffic & increased CTR.

4. Content Optimization

What is content optimization?

 What is Content optimization

Visitors read the content but its optimization is solely for the search engines. Google gives a higher ranking to a website where content optimization has been done. Content optimization convinces search engines about the relevance and quality of content on a website.

Optimization of content is a very important part of any SEO endeavour. Google is always on the lookout for original, high-quality, and informative content.
Optimization of content aims to make sure that the content reaches the highest amount of potential customers. The process of optimization involves the use of keywords, authority links, title tags, and Meta tags.

How Content Optimization helps Business Owners?

Genesisminds makes changes to content’s copy, headings, paragraph, links, &structure of the content during content optimization. These changes are readily noticed by search engines as signals and they assume that the content is useful for the searchers.

Experts at Genesisminds carry out content optimization focused on titles, descriptions, H1 tags, topics, industry, relevance, paragraphs, and keywords keeping in mind the nature of client’s business.

Content Optimization increases the CTR of a keyword included in the copy. Our experts check spellings, grammar, content length, bullet points, etc to make sure that the content is readable and to the point. Another important aspect of content optimization is the inclusion of appealing CTA’s to increase the chance of clicks and conversions of your visitors. We also take the help of images and video clips to improve the level of engagement of the readers.

Advantages of Optimized Content for Business!

  • – Optimized content increases traffic, visits, ranks keywords, increases conversions & also achieves great engagement with the users.
  • – Optimized content will encourage people to stay longer.
  • – We provide totally customized and affordable content optimization services to our clients.
  • – Remember that great content deserves SEO optimization.
  • – Optimized content can also bring traffic from SOCIAL MEDIA.
  • – Optimized content also increases your metrics like DA & Quality of the overall website performance.
  • – Optimized content can bring in more business because of the quality of engagement that content can attract.
  • – More users will be willing to buy a product or service based on the website content & readability which is why optimized content can increase the chances of conversion.

ONLY Optimization Services:

  • SEO On page Optimization starts at $99
  • Google business Local Optimization starts at $99
  • Video Optimization starts at $99
  • Content Optimization ( Content writing) starts at $19/ 500 words

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