Keyword Research

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the way to find out those keywords and phrases that most users search for and have high traffic on sites like Google.

If you need Traffic, Sales, Conversions then you need to first focus on Keyword Research. Because only a proper keyword research can bring you quality data to your website.

Example:  Just imagine you have a business selling toys then the keywords you will be searching for will be related to “sensor toys, building toys, educational toy” “best toys under $5” etc.

You can newer get traffic or audience if you have not opted for Keyword research. Because the content you write or market must have specific words which relate to your targeted audience.  Also you need to make sure the keywords that you target must be in line with Google’s Latest Algorithms.

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keyword research traffic services


Do you Need Traffic ? Keyword Research is the No 1 Solution!

Here this Post is focused on “How to gain Massive Traffic via SECRET Keywords Research Services”

The ultimate purpose of Keywords research is to get Traffic from your desired AUDIENCE & Location!

Rank your keywords on 1st page on Google with High End Keyword Research Packages.

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If you are serious about getting traffic, then do read this post, as it will be very valuable for your Business. Specially check out the samples of different websites that have targeted massive keyword research, which in the end brings organic traffic to your website.

The best part is that once your targeted Keywords rank on Google you will get Automatic Organic Traffic for long term. That’s the beauty of Keyword Research. 

The Problem with Webmasters

The problem with Webmasters is that they just don’t know which keywords to target, because there is a lot of competition in the market and you don’t want to lose time. Unless you select the Secret Keywords you won’t be able to get Traffic.

That’s the reason GENEISMINDS are here, to help you find the BEST SECRET KEYWORDS that would bring in large amounts of traffic in the long run. It’s not a gimmick or game, it will take time, but in the long run, you can check for yourself the traffic that you get. 

Always Remember Keywords = Traffic & Traffic = Sales or Conversions!

STEPS for Keyword Research

Step 1: First we understand your Business ( Audience / Interest / Business USP) Study About your Business!

Step 2: Analysis of your website if you have ( Understanding Keywords in the Content of your website)

Step 3: Based on your Package we start finding suitable keywords useful for your website. ( Keyword research)

Step 4: Final Reports – Here we come up with a Keyword Report which will have ( Keywords Volume, Keyword Difficulty, CPC, Paid Difficulty) This data is very crucial, based on this data your site can drive TRAFFIC to your website.

KEYWORD RESEARCH Prices starts from $49, $75, $99
( GENESISMINDS Keyword Packages are most AFFORDABLE)


SEO Keyword Research Services

NOTE – If you need Sales or Conversions type of traffic then you need to Opt for Higher Packages, as Advance Packages will have more INDEPTH Research like Competitor Research & High Volume Keywords.

Do you want to Rank on Google #1 Position via Keywords?

This is the power of KEYWORD Research, you can check here how the ORGANIC KEYWORDS are Driving Monthly Traffic to a website. Keyword research is the 1st step when it comes to both Ranking & Traffic which is why keywords research is crucial for any business.

You can come to know about the right keywords if you do Solid Keyword research the right way based on the industry & location.

If you need Traffic you need to have an Keyword Research Expert who can find out those keywords which you can rank on 1st page on Google. Once you rank on 1st page you can easily get traffic.

Keyword Research is the crucial step when it comes to TRAFFIC!


keywords traffic

SAMPLE of KEYWORDS RANKING on 1st page on Google with High Volume

You can easily check here Keywords that are ranking on 1st page have got 5k Volume, like this many keywords can be targeted on 1st page thereby increasing traffic.

You can see Volume, Position, SD = SEO Difficulty.

SAMPLE of KEYWORDS RANKING on 1st page with ( High Volume + Low Competition)

Here you can check how “Location based keywords bring in lot of volume + low competition”

Low competition keywords are the secret to Ranking on 1st page sooner, the earlier you rank on Google the earlier you get traffic to your website.

RIGHT Click on the Image = Open Image in New tab to view the keywords

SAMPLE of ORGANIC Keywords TRAFFIC = 20K Keywords are Targeted here

This is the power of keywords by which you can gain traffic.

Note: Though just targeting keywords won’t do you need to do Strong SEO on your site which is a different service. But keyword research is the first step towards Traffic & Ranking, as keyword research will save your time & money.

This site has done solid Marketing by which multiple keywords are ranking

If yes, then you need to know what keyword research is and why it is important.

If you have a website and it doesn’t have any traffic or conversions, that’s because you probably haven’t targeted the right keywords for your website.

Choosing the right keywords is very important if you really want to get search traffic based on your location and industry. Once you get the exact keywords that can bring traffic and conversions, you can target those keywords in various places on your website.

You can use those optimized keywords in titles, descriptions, links, images, videos, and content. If you use proper keywords based on search intent and are focused on the relevant industry, there are chances that your keywords will rank on Google, thereby generating huge traffic that can be converted into sales or inquiries.


keyword research services

So if you want to Rank Keywords on Google do choose the correct keywords and target them on your websites to get Traffic.

Optimize keywords which can bring traffic to your website for long time. Because only relevant keywords can get you traffic in the long term which is really crucial if you have an ecommerce or service site. 

Why is Keyword Research Crucial when it comes to Small business owners?

If you are running any business, then you need to know a lot about your Audience & Location of where your users search. Keywords based on your Location will definitely help you target a specific area by which you can target your competitors keywords when searching for specific keywords. Ex: seo services in hamilton, seo services in toronto. These types of searches are focused on a specific location, which helps increase conversion.

Because of these reasons its now become very essential to set keyword research as top priority & highly recommended. Because without these keywords, you can’t get conversions or search traffic.  

Benefits of Keyword Research as under:

  • Keyword research can find you keywords with high volumes. Most people have common phrases that they search for.
  • One of the vital reasons for keyword research is finding low-competition keywords, which you can use to get your business up and running among the top search results on Google.
  • Keyword research can make your website easy to rank. The knowledge of keyword research is all about how to rank your website or business. Finding out high volume keywords with low difficulty can bring in more “search traffic” to your business.
  • Keyword research clearly identifies the searcher’s intent. You will know your audience better than anything using keyword research tools.

How Keyword Research is useful to small business owners ?

More sales

Keyword research means more sales. When you find a specific keyword with low keyword difficulty, it means business. You can drive a larger audience to your service or product.

Targeted Audience:

Knowing targeted insights about your potential customers is done through keyword research.

Understanding your consumers and the phrases they use to search for services and products can allow you to adapt your business.

Content & Marketing both are focused based on audience’s demand and states.

This will lead to a higher audience reach, and the conversion rate will be better with every customer engagement.

Improves Visibility:

Optimization of website content or businesses for search engines is very crucial and can only be done through effective keyword research. Using the right keywords, businesses can improve their overall SEO rankings and gain more visibility for each product or service they sell. A proper keyword improves first-page results, which increases the chances of attracting more customers and buyers to your business.

Cost effective:

Proper keyword research can drive cost-effective advertising.

With right keywords you can target CTR based keywords with high volume and low competition at the same time.

Moreover, advertising campaigns like Pay Per Click (PPC) will be easy, thanks to the keyword research.


Keyword research is a driving force in finding proper competitors. Knowing what your competitors are doing. Knowing your competitors will alter your strategies, identify gaps, and improve overall quality and opportunities.

Long-term benefits:

Keyword research is a long-term solution for your business.  SEO Optimization is the key to long term success, but only if you have done your keyword research well. Solid keyword research will get your site more traffic, visits, and backlinks.

SEO of a business is comparatively more steadfast than that of a business without SEO.

If you are looking for long term traffic or business you need to make sure that Keyword research is the 1st priority when it comes to Traffic marketing.

The long-term benefit of keyword research is that the quality of search intent data will keep increasing, and your site will amass a lot of quality traffic in the long term. Once you get traffic, you can always try to convert the traffic into sales or inquiries.  All this happens because of the keyword research done.

This is why a Keyword Research Expert is needed, because you need to have experience with how those keywords will affect your website in the long run.

What is the process of Keyword Research?

PROCESS: We track keywords based on Niche, Industry, Location etc.

Various types of keywords are targeted to gain traffic & conversions to site.

  • Long tail keywords
  • Question based keywords
  • Trends based keywords
  • Location based keywords
  • Low competition based keywords
  • Competitor Keywords Research

Find out here How Keyword Research is actually Performed?

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords perform better when it comes low competition on google.

Long tail keywords have low search volume + low competition but they have high conversion chances.

Ex of long tail keywords:

“seo services in Canada”

“Toronto seo services in Canada”

“increase website traffic in Canada with keyword research services”

Question based keywords

 Question-based keywords are mostly “informational”-based content. This type of content mostly engages users because they are seeking information about a product or service.

Question keywords mostly have low competition when compared to broad keywords.

With question-based keywords, you can target those customers who are eagerly interested in the information related to your offer.

Question based Types of keywords can be found on Google Search engines

“Google’s People Also Ask” which normally comes at the top

Quora also has a lot of question based content.

There is a tool called which also shows question based keywords.

Examples of Question Based Keywords

  • Who is the best SEO service provider in Canada?
  • What is SEO Services?
  • Why is keyword research so important ?
  • How do I rank on Google search engines?

Trend based keywords are those keywords where a sudden rise in popularity occurs for a specific period of time.

Certain keyword searches rise at the time of special events or holidays, for example, “Black Friday deals” and “Cyber Monday deals.”

Trending news, Trending Hashtags, Trending Viral videos etc all create a sudden rise in terms of Traffic.

Google Trends is the best tool to get the latest 1 day, 30 days, 90 days traffic search based on certain keywords that are trending. Google Trends shows which keywords have high trends based on countries and industries as well.

Location based keywords

Location based keywords are best when it comes to targeting certain keywords based on geographical locations.  If you are focused on Local SEO or Local keyword targeting, then “location based keywords” is best. Mostly, we also use location based keywords, which is useful, but at the same time, there is less competition for location based keywords.

Conversion is high when it comes to location based keywords, as you can directly target the local keywords based on a specific area.

If you have a product that you would like to sell to a particular local place, then it would be much easier than compared to any other keywords. It’s like narrowing down the keyword research to “location based search.” This increases the chances of conversion.

Examples of location based keywords

“best pizza near Toronto”

“best seo companies in Toronto”

“keyword research services Toronto”

Low competition based keywords

You need to make sure that you target low competitive keywords as these keywords can rank in short time, also they are easy to rank than targeting high competitive keywords. This is a keyword strategy most marketers use.

When there are fewer competitors, it will be possible for us to rank those keywords on 1st page on google.

The best part is that one doesn’t need to invest too much in marketing, which gradually saves money. 

Low competition keywords are those that have few websites in competition for a particular keyword. When there are fewer competitors, it will be possible for us to rank those keywords on 1st page on google. er keywords because the keywords you are targeting have low competition. Once you are on the 1st page you can dominate further.

Long tail keywords are best for new sites or sites that are not ranking on top 100.  Also, long tail multiple keywords can bring in more traffic based on the industry and the keywords you are targeting.

Targeting low competition keywords is the best strategy when it comes to Keywords Research as it increases the possibility of entering the industry.

Competitor Keywords Research

Competitor keyword research is very important because you can get a bunch of keywords that are already ranking for your competitors.

We will first analyse keywords related to the competitor website and then gather that data to check “keyword opportunities” which we can use in our keyword strategy.

Which competitor page is getting more traffic and for which keywords?

Also, we can measure the competition & the difficulty for each keyword.

With the help of competitors’s keywords we can target those keywords that we might not have even considered. In short, competitor keyword research is highly essential to get an idea of keywords.

But do note that we can’t use all the keywords that your competitor is using because each website has its own strengths when compared to ours. So, when choosing keywords, we focus only on those that have low to mid-competition and not high competition keywords.

secret keyword research services

GENESISMINDS Keyword Research Services Price

Keyword Research Packages

Pack 1:  Basic package:  $49 / 50 keywords

This Basic Keywords research package includes targeting location, low competition, good volume based keywords. Though its a basic package it will still help you to gain good decent amount of traffic if you are a new or starter website. Location based keywords are very powerful and they have lot of scope of bringing in quality traffic to your website.

Total 50 Keywords would be targeted based on Niche Industry and Business!

Low competition keys:

This is a basic keyword research package, where we try to find low-competitive keywords, which is very useful if you are a new website or if your site has low strength.

Low competitive keys are easy to rank and there would be less competition.

Location based keys:

Location based keywords are also a better way to target a specific local area, here, competition will be less, so it will be much easier to rank in a short period of time.  If your business is location specific, then these keywords can bring a very good amount of traffic to your website.

Volume keywords:

We do target keywords that have volume because, ultimately, search volume counts. So we target keywords in such a manner that there is medium to low competition, and at the same time, we also make sure there is some search volume.

Pack 2: Advance   $75 / 100 keys   

This Pack 2 Keyword research package includes (High Conversion, High Volume, Google Trends, Low competition, Question based, Long tail keywords).

If you are looking for more of High Conversion, High volume or Trend based keyword then this would be best package for you.

100 Focused Keywords would be targeted.

High Conversion keys:

Here we focus on those keywords that can convert very well, and at the same time we see if there is low or medium competition. High conversion keywords carry a lot of weight when it comes to sales or inquiries. This is high end research where we focus on keywords that bring traffic & conversion to your website. Also, high volume & high conversions will be targeted.

Google Trends

Google trends keywords would be used to target them, though these types of keywords will have some competition. We can still use these types of keywords, which have the potential to increase impressions & traffic.  Any trendy keyword is worth adding to your website.

Question based keys:

Question-based keywords are search queries phrased as questions. They indicate that the searcher is actively looking for information and are a great way to target your content or website towards their specific needs.

If you need engagement you need to target Question based keywords, also you can target a specific audience based on your question.

Question based keywords also increase search traffic + its very less competitive.

Pack 3: Premium: $99 / 200 keywords (highly focused keywords)

This Pack3 Keyword Package includes ( Competitors Keywords, High Volume, High Conversion, Google trends, Location, Long tail, Low competition, Question based keywords).

This Package is very SMART PACKAGE – Here we target your Competitors Keywords and try to get their keywords for your website. This package covers all Pack 1, Pack 2 features.

This Pack3 is a Complete Keyword Research package with 200 keywords for boosting your TRAFFIC like anything.

Premium Keywords include a combination of Competitor research, which is like a gold mine. This type of research requires real, in-depth knowledge regarding the niche or the industry.

Competitor research keywords will be much worth it because you will get a lot of keywords that you are not targeting but that your competitors are targeting. This makes the keyword research more competitor-specific because, after all, you are looking for traffic that can be converted into sales. So competitor keywords give you more in-depth insight into the keywords that you are looking for.

Premium keywords include all types of keywords: competitor, high-converting, trendy, location-based, long-tail, and question-based keywords with high volume. 

Premium keywords can give you 100% reliability when it comes to traffic because here we focus on those keywords that have real traffic worth. You will get both ROI, High CTR, High conversion, and high volume at the same time for a long time.

What type of Keywords Reports you will get ? 

You will get a list of keywords in Excel sheet like this

sr noKeywordsVolumeCPCPaid difficultySEO Difficulty
1seo nj1,000$25.59831
2seo services kansas city480$21.81435
3seo company sarasota210$20.73531
4seo services nj210$17.16434
5seo company johannesburg170$0.00133

This report includes a lot of data ( Keywords Volume / CPC/ Paid Difficulty / SEO Difficulty ) data

This report will mention the Volume of Keywords, CPC, Competition of keywords.

Based on the Package, we would send you the best targeted keywords for your industry.

Keywords targeted by us would be focused on Low competition and High volume keywords which would help your site gain traffic in the long run. This is our Target, which is why Focused Keyword Research is very important.

Keywords research which we do is based on your Industry, Business & Location.

 Keywords will include (“long tail   + low competition   + question + location  + competitor   + trendy keywords  ”)

How these Keywords can help you?

Once the keyword research is done accurately based on the site metrics & niche industry, you can use these keywords within your website.

Correct & focused keywords can bring Traffic, Conversions & even Local traffic which can be converted to sales or inquiries. This is the beauty of keyword research, as a lot of time is saved to figure out, which keywords need to be targeted first.

Where can I use these Keywords on the website ?

Targeted keywords can be used in Titles, Descriptions, Content, Links, Images and many other places, wherever possible.

Also note that with the help of targeted keywords, you can use them in SEO On page optimization & Marketing ( Promotion).

Because when you do use the correct keywords, they will rank in search engines within a span of 3 months to 6 months depending on the industry & competition.

Why you should buy Keyword Research Package from GENESISMINDS?

  • We are Professionals and have wide experience with multiple keywords and multiple websites
  • We are the Dedicated SEO Experts which is why Keyword Research is already integrated in our Marketing Systems
  • We love doing keyword research & helping clients getting success in there business.
  • GENESISMINDS offers the best Prices available with Discounted Offers for keyword research services!
  • Our Prices are highly discounted based on the service we offer!

LIMITED Offer! FREE Keyword Research Report 5 Keywords Only:

Do you want to try for FREE Keyword RESEARCH? But its Very Limited!

If you are looking to try our Keyword Research services for free, then you can contact GENESISMINDS and send in your website, industry details, what you are looking for, what is your priority, location to target and all other details you can send in.

Once we get the data, we will generate a Keyword Research Report for free, but it will be only 5 keywords.

Free service from GENESISMINDS will let you know how Keyword research actually benefits your website.

note – This Free service will be over any time, so those who are interested can mail us ASAP with your website details.

Serious Business Owners Traffic Can Buy Our Discounted Keyword Research Packages:

keyword research services

After you do keyword research, you can use those keywords on your website and also in MARKETING.

If you really need Traffic, Conversion or Sales you need to first get the Keywords Research done.

After that, you need to focus on SEO Marketing where you need to get your website Optimized & then Promoted. Only after this will you see your keywords ranking on 1st page on Google. However, keyword ranking depends on multiple factors like your website’s strength, your keywords, your location, your industry, etc.

The minimum time to rank keywords on 1st page would be between 3 months to 6 months or 8 months depends.

Once your keywords rank on 1st page via SEO services your site will gain traffic, and then you will use that traffic to get SALES or Inquiries. This is how Keyword Research & SEO Services play a crucial role in helping business owners achieve their goals. And above all, this method is focused on organic growth through organic keywords.

If you are interested in our SEO Services which start at $99, $155 pm you can contact GENESISMINDS You need to mention specifically that you are interested in our SEO Services and would like to know more.

So start with Keyword Research Services starts from Prices starts from $49, $75, $99 Contact GENESISMINDS

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