Google Gemini AI Image generator is FREE to USE!

What is Google Gemini AI?

First understand about Google Bard. Google Gemini was earlier called Google Bard. Google Gemini AI is a FREE AI chatbot utilizes natural language processing & machine learning for human conversations. It’s a Multimodal Large language AI model which can understand Text, can answer questions, provide tips and ideas, codes and now generate IMAGES.

 Actually Google Gemini is an Artificial Intelligence which is an Google AI Chatbot.

What is Google AI Image Generator?

Google Gemini AI now has the facility to generate images. Google Gemini image generator uses AI models to create images based on user prompts. Gemini is part of Google’s main suite of AI models


Imagen 2 is Google’s Advanced Text to Image MODEL, developed by Google DeepMind. With Imagen 2 you will find it in Google Gemini Ai chatbot which will have the ability to generate images for the first time.

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Google Gemini Free Generation AI Chatbot ( Powered by Imagen2)

Image generation is free with Google Gemini AI ( EXAMPLE IMAGE)

Prompt Generate an image for “A majestic griffin soaring through a vibrant coral reef, sunlight filtering through the crystal-clear water”

Is Google Gemini AI Image generator Free to use?

Yes Google AI Image generator is free to use. Its very easy you just need to enter a prompt to generate images. Based on your prompt Google Gemini AI chatbot will generate 4 free images for you which you can download easily.

Thank goodness Google Gemini( Bard) is one of the best AI chatbots. New image-generating features were added to it. Moreover, its free.

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Do Google have an AI Image Generator?

Google has Google Gemini( Bard) AI Generator

Google Gemini( Bard) is a device powered by way of AI intelligence that assists users in enhancing their writing skills. It lets in customers to create content refine current text and acquire guidelines, for boosting their writing. Gemini can be beneficial for writers, at any talent level. Its critical to apply it and not depend on it excessively.

You can create Images with Gemini for FREE!

Just type any prompt ex:  “generate an image of rabbit eating”.  Google Gemini AI generator will instantly will create 4 images, you can generate more or you can download it to your system.

All produced photos are in recent chats, pinned conversations and Gemini activity. These can also be deleted from the Gemini activity by deleting the prompt, used to generate them.

Imagen 2 powers this Google AI Image generator.. It enables it to generate photo-realistic outputs. However, all the images generated will be a watermark.

All images generated by Google Gemini AI would have Synthid which is a watermark tool that is developed by Google DeepMind.

This free Google Gemini image generator requires users to be 18 or older, but how Google enforces the age limitation beyond a basic ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ inquiry is unknown. Along with the age restriction the generation of any violent, offensive, and sexually explicit content will be restricted on the platform.

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How do I use Google AI Image Generator? (Text to Image)

You can use Google AI Image Generator just with a few simple steps. These are as follows:

•          Visit  from your PC or computer.

•          You need to Sign in with your Google Account

•          You can easily enter the prompts ex: Generate a picture about a “Lion in the jungle”

If you need to generate more than one images, you want to click on, you need to select the option” “Generate More”.

Between the 4 images you can easily switch left and right for selecting the image you want.

You can also download the image by clicking the download icon on top right side of the corner.

That’s it you have downloaded your image in your system.

Do check with Google Updates related to images, as sometimes Google Gemini has Image issues that are related to People’s Images. Some of the image features may be under testing, so google may temporarily shutdown some of its image features. So do stay updated with the Image generation tool.

Can Google Gemini generate images of high quality?

Yes, you can create captivating images virtually of anything using the Google AI image generator online. Though you need to note that Google image generator is evolving ,so some images may not be generated based on few prompts ex: historic images of people, because google is constantly testing with images.

Use images for creating content

The prompt is crucial for image creation in Google Bard. Use words such as ‘draw’, ‘generate’, or ‘create’ to start your prompt.

Then explain the image’s style. Examples include watercolors, cartoons, and illustrations.

The picture you seek must be visually described. The backdrop and other details must be detailed. The image formed will be more improved with every detail you add.

Examples of Google Gemini AI Image Prompts

Do mention “Generate, Draw, Create images for “keyword prompt”

Some Keyword prompts may work, some may not do give it a try!

  1.  A majestic griffin soaring through a vibrant coral reef, sunlight filtering through the crystal-clear water.
  2. A cozy library hidden within a towering redwood tree, sunlight streaming through the leaves and casting warm shadows on ancient books.

3) A majestic waterfall cascading down a lush green mountainside, surrounded by vibrant rainforest flora.

4. A hyperrealistic portrait of a wise old cat, its eyes filled with experience and a hint of mischief.

5. A group of children playing in a field of fireflies at dusk, their laughter echoing through the twilight.

6. A microscopic view of a single snowflake, showcasing its intricate crystalline structure and delicate beauty.

7. A vintage map of a mythical island, filled with hand-drawn illustrations of fantastical creatures and hidden treasures.

8. A photorealistic portrait of a future city, showcasing towering skyscrapers adorned with lush vertical gardens and flying vehicles gliding through the air.

How can I get to Google Gemini AI( Bard)?

Google Gemini AI requires a personal Google account.You can manage the access with the user details and credentials on your Google A/C. One must be over 18 to access  it.

Google Gemini ( COMPUTER)

On your computer you can visit site

You must have a Google Account, one you have you can signin and agree the terms and conditions.

You can then easily start using the GEMINI GOOGLE CHATBOT and generate images based on prompts.

Download Google Gemini App from Google Play store

On your Android phone you can click this Google play store link which is called “Google Gemini” app. Install it. Enter your prompt and get started to generate images.

You also have the option to Generate more.

Google Gemini AI Chatbot now has multiple features where Image generation can also be done with the help of a few prompts.

Do try to use different prompts for Image generations – Google Gemini AI Generator is free to use!