How to use Open AI Sora? How to use Sora?

How to use Open AI Sora ?

You can use SORA AI via prompts using the commands.

TEXT Prompts – When you use a textual description of a video you want to create, it will generate a video based on your specific descriptions used.

Prompts can include Environment, Characters, Desired mood, Style etc

VIDEO Prompts – Once the prompt is finalized with additional settings, you will start the video generation process. SORA AI here will process your video based on the descriptions, command entered. The video duration is up to 1 minute.

What is  SORA AI?

Sora AI is a text to video generator.

Sora AI can generate video upto 1 minute, its an awesome tool for Text to Video generation.

 It works on prompts. All you have to do is give the prompt command EXAMPLE “A tiger chasing a deer,” and as a result, you will get a video exactly describing your prompt.

Sora is not the first text-to-video generating model; there are other generating models that were created prior to Sora, which include MetaRunways Gen-2 and Google Lumiere. OpenAI still hasn’t fully released SORA AI to public, because it is still in process.

What technology does Sora use?

The technology that powers Sora is based on the technolgy used for DALL E 3.

Creations of OpenAI are both DALL-E 3 and SORA, they use similar core technologies when it comes to machine learning. Though OpenAI has not revealed all details, its said that SORA is build up on foundation of tech used in DALL-E 3, diffusion models.

DALL-E 3 generates High quality images while SORA creates Text to Video.

Sora is a diffusion model. It begins with each frame of video having static noise and uses machine learning to change the pictures to match the description via the prompt entered.

Sora comprises generative artificial intelligence, which is a model of openAI that generates text from video.   

It is a sophisticated blend of diffusion technique and transformer architecture.

Explain what an OpenAI Sora text-to-video generator is.

If you used CharGPT, then it’d probably be easy to know Sora. As we know, ChatGPT is mostly a text-to-text generator. We simply give it a command, and it generates the answer in text while in Sora instead of text, you get a video generated by AI.  Sora AI is actually a Text to Video Generator.

You can provide a text description of your desired scene or plot and then Sora will generate a VIDEO Automatically. These types of generated videos from Sora will ultimately revamp the AI industry, infact it will be a big revolution in the Video industry.

How does OpenAI Sora work?

Sora uses the same method as the DALL.E, including a transformer architecture like ChatGPT. Once you enter a prompt in Sora, it will generate long, detailed, and multi-composition video clips.

Sora uses the diffusion model, which refines an image from noise and gives a more clear and detailed representation.

Sora understands your text prompt and uses a technique called natural language processing to break down your text, analyze it, and then start making a video suitable for the text.

While generating a video, Sora slowly refines the noise frames step by step and then invariably generates a sequence of detailed images that form the end result in a video that perfectly aligns with your text. 

How do I access Sora?

SORA AI is not released to the public yet although some designers have tested it already.

Check out the official website Sora (

For latest updates about SORA check Twitter account  

Sora is currently available to a set of Red Teamers who will check out critical areas or risky areas.

Sora AI is giving access to only 2 groups named  Security Experts & Creative Experts.

If you want to access SORA AI, all you have to do is sign in to ChatGPT first, and then you can access Sora through it.

What are the benefits of SORA AI?

Following are some of the benefits of SORA AI:

  • SORA AI comprises a range of advanced editing tools and features that craft a video within minutes without using any cost or advanced skills.
  • In SORA AI, everything is embedded, you don’t need give anything extra. Its dam easy to generate a video from simple text based descriptions that’s the beauty of SORA AI.
  • SORA AI will save a lot of time & will execute a work of art video
  • SORA AI can generate a one-minute-long video, so if you want to make more, you can extend it by continuing the plot of the story, and Sora will generate more like it.
  • SORA AI video generator will create wonders, when it will be used for creating & engaging videos for any social media platform like YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.
  •  You can create a visual presentation using Sora or create demo explainer videos for promotional and marketing purposes.

What are the limitations of Sora?

  • SORA AI is an AI tool that generates video, but still, it is not as precise as it could be for a human video maker.
  • Sora lacks accuracy; there is always something missing in AI-generated content. In fact, for some, it might look cheap in content, or there may be some other reason.
  • Moreover, it can miss commands, and characters can replicate or deform the video as well.
  • Currently there is no Official Information regarding any Pricing for SORA AI.
  • As it is now a global technology, there is no specific and well-explained pricing model.

Alternatives to OpenAI Sora

Some of the famous alternatives to OpenAI Sora are

  • Synthesia
  • Fliki
  • InVideo
  • Pictory
  • Runway
  • HeyGen
  • Descript
  • Midjourney
  • NovelAI

AI Sora’s Future Possibilities

In the future, OpenAI is going to start SORA AI as a full-time text-to-video generating tool.  From a prototype, Sora can gain a significant advancement in the AI model.

Within next 5 years, Sora will be more advanced & accurate with the text prompts which will lead to highly advanced capabilities.

Sora can be your Virtual Friend for having conversations which can show everything visually to you. 

Sora will play a great role in the coming years specially in the fields like Education, Mental health and Problem solving areas.  SORA will be of great help in fields like Education & Hospitals. 

Sriptwriters or Filmakers can easily visualize Scenes, Storyies using SORA AI.

When using SORA AI, time & money will be saved as it will be fast executed via a PROMPT

Sora can really helpful to visually impaired people by describing Visual content in detail. Protection Status