14 Text to Video Generator AI Free

Text to video generator AI free tools list ( Best Free AI Video Generator Collection )

Get the best list of free ai video generator ( Text to Video), best tools to edit, create, enhance, add effects & animations all for free!

Text to video generator AI free 14 Best Lists for Video Creators

Virbo ai video generator

Virbo is a wonderful AI video generator that creates stunning promotional videos for your business. All you have to do is choose your favorite avatar and input the text about your business. 

Benefit of Virbo:  Virbo comes up with a beautiful video describing your business with minimal effort. Virbo is excellent for bloggers, Youtubers, and all kinds of business owners to quickly make their promotional videos. 

Pricing plans

Virbo is an affordable video generator with monthly plans starting at just $9.9/mo.

D-ID: AI Video Generator  

D-ID is a great AI video generator that allows the creation of beautiful videos with an avatar of your choice. 

Benefit of D-ID Video generator?

Highly efficient tool that can save your time & money by creating stunning videos for promotion of your business.

Pricing plans

Try this tool for free 14 Days. Under the free trial plan, you get up to 5 minutes of videos, AI script generators, and a full-screen watermark. Premium plans Lite, Pro, and Advanced cost $4.7, $16, and $108 per month. 

Descript ai video generator

Descript is a wonderful AI-powered tool that allows making, editing, and sharing your videos with great ease. 

Benefit of Descript:

Descript saves your time and creates professional-looking videos in a quick time. It requires no editing skills or prior experience and works wonderfully well for podcasters, bloggers, and marketers. 

Pricing plans

It has a free plan where you get free export with no watermark. However, to use premium features, you need to subscribe to Creator, Pro, and Enterprise plans that cost $12, $24, and Custom respectively. 

Heygen ai video generator

Heygen is a popular AI-powered video generator that creates engaging and beautiful product description videos.

Benefit of Heygen:

Convert text into spokesperson video with consummate ease. Save your money and time by using custom avatars for your videos. 

Pricing plans

It offers a free plan to try out the product. However, to unlock advanced features, you need to subscribe to Creator or Team plans that cost $24 and $120 per month. 

Veed.io ai video generator

Veed.io is an online tool that creates and edits videos with ease through an intuitive interface. Anyone can use this video editor whether he has any prior editing skills or not.

Benefit of Veed.io:

Veed.io can come up with all kinds of videos with minimal effort. Create and stream professional quality videos whether you are a marketer, educator, trainer, or just a social media enthusiast.

Pricing plans

You can use this video editor for free and also get 1 GB of uploading and 2 GB of cloud storage. To make use of its premium features, you have to choose from Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans and pay money accordingly.

Elai.io ai video generator

Elai.io AI powered video editor easily creates beautiful videos from text.

Benefit of Elai.io

Choose from a large number of AI avatars and upload videos in the language of your choice as it supports nearly 75 languages.

Pricing plans

You can create a video for free with 1 minute time duration.

However, to make longer videos and to use advanced features, you have to buy its premium plans called Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise. 

Pictory.ai video generator

Pictory ai is a wonderful video editor powered by AI that creates videos from text in just a few clicks.

Benefit of Pictory.ai:

You can create marketing, advertising, educational, and all kinds of other videos using this video editor even if you have no prior video editing skills.. 

Pricing plans

It allows making up to 3 videos of up to 1 minute duration with its free plan.

For Premium features – you need to buy Starter, Premium, or Teams plans.

CapCut ai video generator

Capcut is a great Video editor which offers all tools you will need to make professional quality videos. Capcut is a Free Video editing tool, powered by AI which has all featured for Video Editing & Image design via browsers, windows, mac, iOs & Android.

Benefit of CapCut

Despite being free, CapCut offers many advanced features such as smooth slow-motion, video stabilization, keyframe animation, and cloud storage. 

Pricing plans

CapCut has 2 versions Free vs Pro Version!

If you would love use Premium features do try PRO Version of Capcut which is $7.99/mo.

Canva ai video generator

Canva is Free & Paid Graphic design tool. You can use it to create amazing Reels, Photo editing, AI editing, posters, videos, logos, posters and much more. Canva is a great tool with multiple ready made templates for each industry.

Benefit of Canva:

You can design videos through drag and drop capability.

Canva uses the power of AI Design tools to create Professional Videos & Images.

Pricing plans

Canva has Free version& Paid version, Free version from Canva will do most of the things for the user easily because of the Free Readymade Templates.

However, it offers a Pro plan if you are serious about using the advanced features of this editor. 

Visla ai video generator

Visla is popular AI Video editor tool for creating, recording, editing & sharing High Quality videos without any editing experience.

Benefit of Visla:

Powered by AI and machine learning tools, Visla automatically transcribes and creates stunning videos. 

Pricing plans:

Visla has a basic free plan where you get 3 hours of transcription per month and unlimited cloud storage. For everyday creators, it has a premium plan costing $19/mo.

Lumen 5 ai video generator

Lumen5 is an excellent video editor that creates videos out of text in just a few clicks.

Benefit of Lumen 5? 

Lumen5 can create exceptional videos even if the user has no prior editing skills. Add music & text to your videos with ease with its drag & drop feature.

Pricing plans

It has a free plan called Community that offers up to 5 videos per month with Lumen 5 watermark. For professionals and everyday video makers, it has many plans such as Basic, Starter, Professional, and Custom starting at $19/mo.

Colossyan ai video generator

Colossyan is an AI video creator that translates your script and creates stunning videos in minutes. 

Benefit of Colossyan:

Colossyan can create professional-quality videos with AI avatars as presenters. Colossyan tool is a great tool to create Corporate training videos.

Pricing plans

Free trial offer is there but you need to choose from Starter, Pro & Enterprise starting from $19/mo, if you are interested to use Colossyan premium features.

Hourone ai video generator

Hourone is an awesome AI video generator that creates beautiful videos with virtual characters using your script.

Benefit of Hourone:

Hourone saves your time and effort and creates videos quickly without any editing skills. 

Pricing plans

Hourone has a free trial offer where you get 3 minutes of videos. If you want no watermark videos and other premium features, you can buy Lite, Business, or Enterprise plans starting from $25/mo.

Fliki.ai ai video generator

Fliki.ai is an AI tool where you can choose your favorite avatar and create beautiful videos out of your blog posts using this AI-backed video editor.

Benefit of Fliki.ai

Fliki.ai is video editor that can make videos in more than 75 international languages in hundreds of voices. It saves time and effort and increases engagement with the audience. 

Pricing plans

It has a basic free plan that offers 5 minutes of videos/mo. For advanced features, you need to buy its Standard and Premium plans costing $21 and $66 respectively.

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