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SEO Chrome Extension Free – Best FREE SEO Google Extensions!

Check out SEO Google Chrome Extensions – SEO Metrics, On-page SEO analyzer, Keywords Research data, Meta tags headers, Titles & Descriptions Meta tags, Link Analyzer, Backlink check, Keyword Analyzer, SEO Reports and much more.

Google Chrome Extensions best for SEO Experts & Digital marketers

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FREE SEO Chrome Extensions – Check out here the best selected!

Most of the Free SEO Tools helps you to get an overview of the sites METRICS by which you can come to know websites strength. Free SEO Chrome extension tools helps SEO Experts to understand quickly and saves time by fixing important issues first. Each SEO Tool is worth!

LRT free backlink checker finds links that are broken, nofollow, follow, external and internal links. This extension has Fast link data export feature and is build for Professionals.

You can quickly look at any website’s backlink data with Free Backlink Checker by LRT.

This extension is very helpful for improving the reputation of your website because it has features like analyzing link quality and it also counts the total links on the page, number of live links, unverified links, live broken links, links by network status & also filter links by keyword.

Glimpse Google Trend Google chrome extension

You can easily use Glimpse to connect to Google Trends from your computer.

With Glimpse you can see how many searches are there for any keyword in real-time with Google Trends search volume.

You can also discover trending topics related to any niche.

At the same time you can export Google trends data to csv or google sheets.

You can also set Alerts based on your interested topics or when a topic starts trending

Other insights like CPC, competition stats & keyword difficulty included.

 Remember you get only 10 Free Credits Per month for FREE, after that you need to Upgrade!

Its’s easy to stay on top, because of the real-time data trends and keyword analysis at your hands.  You can change your content plan to take advantage of new trends by using this extension’s insights. The best part is that Glimpse gives you free full access to Google Trends info.

Those who are in the PPC & SEO industry, Glimpse is a great tool for the experts.

SEO Extension by Mangools Google chrome extension

Mangools’ SEO Extension gives you quick SEO data for any page or search engine results page. This add-on provides domain authority, backlinks, and keyword ideas for your website’s SEO.

You can check Domain authority and Popularity based on this SEO Extension

Check Competitors keywords, also check which keywords your competitors ranks for.

You also get the Exact search volume for each of the keywords.

Check estimated visits of the visited website.

PPC Metrics can also be tracked this is great for PPC experts.

Mangools also have backlink checker tool with most critical metrics like Citation flow, Trust flow, Anchor text, Dofollow/nofollow tags.

Mangools is best for On-page SEO Analysis, Keyword density checker, Broken link checker & Rank tracking tool and many other features are available.

But do note this Free Plan is free for only 10 days, no credit card needed.

The free plan only shows basic SEO data, yet it can improve your online visibility.

Keyword Surfer Google chrome extension

For real-time keyword information, Keyword Surfer interacts seamlessly with Google search results.

Keyword surfer has lot of features which includes data related to CPC, Keywords suggestions, Related terms, Search volume, Metrics related to visibility & On-page data.

Keyword SURFER is the Chrome extensions for Keywords & Content data. You can create keyword collections which will allow you to bookmark important keywords.  

Export the data collected in  .CSV format.

70 countries data set you can gather the data

Detailed SEO Google chrome extension

This tool is great for On-page SEO Experts who can get On-page seo analysis done in a better way.

On-page analysis and competitor research are among the SEO capabilities in Detailed SEO Extensions. This addon gives extensive SEO insights into any webpage with meta tag analysis, keyword density analyzer, and more. Basic SEO analysis tools are limited in the free plan, but they’re useful for website visibility optimization.

SEOTesting Google chrome extension

This is an awesome SEO TOOL which is highly recommended. With this SEOTesting tool you can come to know which keywords are driving traffic on your page.

Find out Page queries for the current page that ranks for from the Google Search console. It makes easy to view those page queries.

 On-page SEO and content optimization are examined by SEOTesting.

Your visibility increases because of this plugins functionality to test in terms of Title tag, meta description & keyword density analyser. With this tool your can increase your chances of visibility in search engines.

 Increase your On-page SEO visibility on Google with this tool called “SEOTesting”

The free plan provides basic on-page SEO research and optimization tools.

Please note they offer a Free Trial of 14 days so do use to get lots of information.

You can get lot of information about SEO Testing Chrome tool here https://seotesting.com/blog/page-queries/

SEO Pilot Google chrome extension

SEO Pilot focuses on SEO tasks such as On-Page SEO analysis, Link Checking, Tags and Assets Preview. Keyword and competitor research are among SEO Pilot’s best features.

SEO Pilot is a powerful plugin by which you can analyze keywords ideas, conduct site audits and do focus on Backlink research. 

SEO Pilot focuses on Links, On page SEO, Tags & assets analysis etc.

With SEO Pilot you can optimize your content for SEO and generate large amount of New content at a larger scale.

SEO Pilot provides solid SEO Metrics and great meta data for any page when it comes to SEO Analysis.  SEO Pilot has multiple features like Broken link finder, Extract headers, analyze social seo tags, Contact email extractor where emails found on the page are extracted and exported via .CSV file.

Although it just offers basic SEO, the free plan can improve your strategy.

SEOQuake Google chrome extension

SEOQuake has been downloaded millions of times  and is famous with SEO Experts.

SEOQUAKE is a famous free SEO Plugin for many years. SEOQuake is a combination of tools like SEO metrics, Keyword density, Link analyser, SEO Audit tools and Social metrics.

SEO Metrics like google index, google cache, semrush backlinks, bing index, semrush traffic and much more details are displayed.

You can quickly get to any page’s SEO metrics with SEOQuake, which lets you make decisions based on facts. You can easily get SEO Audit done with SEOQuake.

  • SEOQuake covers all major SEO metrics & also has the export functionality with .CSV file.
  • SEOQuake can check out keyword difficulty easily.
  • SEOQuake is best for SEO Audit & also check for mobile compatibility tests.
  • Social stats is also taken care via SEOQuake plugin.
  • Internal/External links full report.
  • Keyword density finder

SEOQuake  shows all metrics within the google search results once you enable the Google chrome extension.

SEOQuake is browser plugin which helps to gather lots of data includes – full SEO analytics, metrics, important data on organic search, social metrics & On page SEO information.

You can get full access to basic SEO signs with the free plan, and it’s still very useful for web optimization.

Link Grabber makes extracting and analyzing links from any webpage easy.

Link Grabber is a great add-on for extracting links, analysing anchor text, link types and also helpful in focusing on Backlink analysis + competitor study.

Getting linking domain and anchor text info is an easy way to improve your website’s link profile. Link Grabber provides free limitless link extraction and basic analysis.

SEO Search Simulator Google chrome extension

SEO Search Simulator simulates Google search results by location and device.

With this extension you can come to know about Personalized results & SERP snippet previews based on your website search results.

View your website’s exposure from different angles and adjust content and meta tags to boost click-through rates. SEO Search Simulator offers free limitless search simulators.

SEO Review Tools Google chrome extension  

The SEO Review Tools addon provides many SEO analysis tools. This addon includes all SEO optimization components, from backlink analysis to keyword research and site audits. Page authority, keyword difficulty, and broken link checker let you identify and improve your website’s performance.

The free plan has fewer options, yet it’s useful for SEO optimization.

Check My Links is a useful addon for website maintenance that checks for broken links. This addon ensures a smooth user experience and website credibility by immediately recognizing broken links on your website or any other webpage.

Check My Links makes fixing broken links easy and improves website quality. Free extension with limitless link-checking.

SERP Counter Google chrome extension  

SERP Counter counts search engine results for any query, a simple yet useful feature. This plugin lets you measure keyword competitiveness and ranking difficulty.

Understanding the search landscape helps you adjust keyword strategy and target high-potential possibilities. Unlimited SERP counting is provided for free with SERP Counter.

SEO META in 1 Click Google chrome extension 4.9/5 best!

SEO META in 1 CLICK chrome extension, displays all meta tags full information clearly within 1 click.

SOLID Reviews for SEO Meta in 1 Click – Highly recommended by SEO Experts

SEO META in 1 CLICK tool provides you with full data as under:

  • Display title & length of the title
  • Descriptions character length
  • Displays Urls and canonical urls
  • Meta-robots
  • Headers display includes ( h1, h2, h3, h4, h5 and h6), this data is very crucial for SEO Experts!
  • Images without ALT ( image optimizer)
  • Links display ( internal/external)
  • Twitter & social open graph data display
  • Robots.txt & Sitemap + many more data included

SEO META in 1 CLICK makes meta tags and other SEO aspects of any webpage easy to access. Meta tag analysis, heading structure overview, and social media tag recognition help optimize pages using this addon.

Quickly assessing meta tags and other HTML elements helps maximize search engine visibility. Free SEO META in 1 CLICK analyzes on-page SEO, best for SEO Experts.

META SEO Inspector Google chrome extension (4.4/5)  best! !

META SEO Inspector is a powerful addon that analyzes meta tags and structured data on any webpage. With just 1 click you will get All Meta data of the page itself.

With this tool you can check out Core Web Vitals issues.

Solid reviews from SEO Epxerts!

Meta SEO Inspector tool will show what is missing and also mentions how to get it fixed

Easy copy paste of meta tags in clipboard.

Export facility available in terms of Reporting.

Free & UPDATED regularly. 

This addon follows Best SEO Practices by focusing on meta tag validation, structured data visualization & canonical tag identification.

Your website search rankings can be boosted by focusing on Meta tags & structure data optimization.

 SEO Minion chrome extension 

Tools from SEO Minion ease SEO. From on-page SEO research to SERP preview and broken link verification, this addon provides many capabilities.

SEO Minion saves lot of time by automating task and provides information on which SEO actions can be taken to improve search results.

This Free extensions give endless functions.

SEO Pro Google chrome extension

SEO Pro is a versatile addon with several SEO capabilities to improve your website’s search engine ranking.  SEOPro addon has multiple features which helps you to focus on backlink analysis, keyword research & competition tracking.

You can use this addon to Optimize your SEO Strategies easily based on the data you get.

Despite its limitations, the free plan has essential website visibility features.

NOFOLLOW Google chrome extension

NOFOLLOW highlights ‘nofollow’ links on web sites, making it easy to discern followed and unfollowed links. Nofollow addon also lets you find problems that may hurt your SEO Strategy.

Nofollow link actually saves your link quantity on the page itself. By using nofollow link tag on your site, you can actually tell google not to pass link juice and this Nofollow plugin highlights those links which doesn’t pass link juice.

Understanding webpage connecting structures lets you choose link-building tactics and focus on high-quality backlinks. Free and limitless NOFOLLOW helps you optimize your link profile.

Word Counter Plus Google chrome extension

Content writers may easily count words and characters in text using Word Counter Plus.

Word counter plus plugin has amazing features which includes tracking of content length, real time updates & adjusting with the word counts.

Word Counter Plus keeps blog entries, articles, and social media captions short and entertaining. If you are into content production this free plugin can provide you with infinite word-counting. This plugin specifically mentions the number of words & the characters which you have selected, also this plugin will show the longest word length.

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