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Free Tools are focused on Keywords Analysis, Link analysis, Reports, Trends, Mobile & Speed, Technical stuff

13 FREE SEO Tools VIDEO to Rank No 1 in GOOGLE!

Rank checker Google

Find here best tool to check keyword ranking position in Google. Find here free keyword rank checker tool.

Ahrefs Free Keyword Generator Tool

Find here free ahrefs keyword generator tool to find thousands of keywords in seconds. With this tool you can find hundreds of free keyword ideas for Google, YouTube, and Amazon. You also get monthly search volumes & Keyword Difficulty scores.

Best Hub of 60 Real-Time Free On-page SEO Tools

Here you will find keyword tools, rank checkers, backlink checkers, domain authority checkers, website SEO checkers, SEO writing, duplicate content checkers, and content ideas generators.    + FREE 60 More SEO Tools.

Free On-page SEO & Website Analysis (WooRank) Tool

Do you want to get free SEO Analysis for your website? If yes, then use the free Google Chrome extension called Woo Rank best Free SEO Tool for SEO & Website Analysis.

It analyzes your website’s fundamental SEO metrics like Titles, Descriptions, h1, robots, sitemap, redirects, etc. It also checks if your site is mobile optimized how fast it loads etc. This tool spies on your competitor because it shows you the site’s Facebook and Twitter pages, what technology they’re using on their site, and traffic estimates all from within your browser.

The tool also checks if your site has SSL, Performance of your site, Server timing, Image optimization, Navigation, Shows Google analytics on your website.

It shows backlinks score, referring domains, traffic estimates, visitors’ location, and Facebook likes & shares.

Free Ubersuggest keyword SEO and Keyword Discovery Tool

Neil Patel, the world famous internet marketer, has come up with this brilliant Chrome extension which is free to use. Ubersuggest shows you keywords monthly search volume, CPC & competition data. Ubersuggest chrome extension tool will not only provide you with insightful data related to a specific keyword query on Google but also about sites like YouTube, Amazon & more. Get the free ubersuggest tool web based.

Yes! When you go to YouTube or Amazon and perform a search, you will see data on suggested keywords from Ubersuggest on your page.

Free Website Penalty Indicator Tool

This tool focuses on multiple Google penalty updates. I like this tool as it shows clearly the algorithm changes that happened in a certain year. Also, the tool shows organic traffic which is cool when checking your site for penalties. Get this free google website penalty indicator tool.


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Free Exploding Topics Tool

This is also an excellent tool where it shows the latest trends, latest topics, and keywords that are growing super-fast. It is helpful in getting in early on before they get super competitive. Find here free exploding topics tool.

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Free Structured Data Markup Helper Tool

Google schema mark-up tool is an excellent tool that one can use to build Articles, Events, Job postings, Reviews, and much more.

Google’s free tool helps you build proper schema mark up quickly and without any fuss.

Free Bing Webmaster Tool

Free Bing Webmaster SEO Tool
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With this Bing webmaster tool, you can analyze your website performance data & get data insights to improve your page rankings on Bing search results. This tool enables you to study your site, analyze backlinks, and manage keywords and more so that it reaches the targeted website fast.

With this tool, you can analyze Backlinks / Keywords research / SEO Reports/ Site scan on-demand SEO audit tools checks for technical issues & also checks if your mobile site is friendly.

Free Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool

On a non or less mobile-friendly website, the content has to be zoomed in or pinned for users to read it. The site will be abandoned by users because of a frustrating bad experience.

If you prefer, you can use the  friendly mobile version, which is immediately usable and readable.

It does not matter if If you write sports team you root for on your blog, updating your community theatre’s website, or selling goods online. Here is an easy way to find out if your website is mobile-friendly – Free Google Mobile Friendly tool

Ensure that visitors have a great experience on your website when they are visiting from there mobile devices.

Free Google PageSpeed Insights Tool

Page Speed tool gives you solid data about Page size, website load times, image sizes, HTTP requests, javascript + many other important technical stuff by which you can optimize your website performance. Once you get the data, you can fix technical problems. It is the reason this tool is highly recommended if you want to fix TECHNICAL Issues.

Google Free Page speed tool gives a score; based on this score you can improve the score by fixing technical issues.

Google Page Speed Insight tool reports performance of both mobile & desktop devices. Also provides suggestions on how a page’s performance can be improved. The best advantage you have is that you can analyze your PageSpeed score and use PageSpeed suggestions to make your website faster through our online too

Free GTmetrix Tool

gtmetrix seo tool

Free GTmetrix Tool helps you to check the speed of your website. The best part is it shows scores with reports after a deep analysis of your website. Gtmetrix shows Grade, Performance score, %, Cover webvitals score, and other top issues related to your website. This type of tool is important to optimize your site and rank better in search engines.

Take the opportunity by using the Free GTmetrix tool features to make your site loading faster & better for rankings.

Find out with GTmetrix how your site performs, identify why it’s slow, and discover optimization opportunities.

You can test your page with different browsers and different connection speeds irrespective of your location around the world.

Free Map Broker XML Sitemap Validator Tool

Generate a valid sitemap which is absolutely free. The Free XML Sitemap Validator tool also checks whether the Links in your site are working or not.

Free LOCAL Business Microdata Generator Tool

Free Microdata Generator Tool helps you in generating SEO schema quickly and easily.

If you are having local business or have local seo clients then this tool is best to generate microdata for free. The local business schema generator is good for local businesses to rank in Google local.

You can add basic info like address, opening hours, phone numbers, pin code and you are ready to go.

Free NOFOLLOW Google Chrome Extension: Tool

This free nofollow tool shows all Nofollow links on your website. It highlights those links which are not followed.


  • Outlines nofollow links
  • Nofollow & Noindex meta tags can be detected on pages
  • Website filtering, and
  • Custom CSS outline styles

It supports search engine specific robot Meta tags
You can also disable or enable nofollowextension for websites

free google seo tools
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Free BEST Htaccess Redirects Generator ( Technical) Tool

Best free htaccess redirect multi generator tool – The htaccess redirects generator tool can be used effectively when you are trying to implement URLs changes, Redirects, Web migrations, or when configuring your Website canonical URL versions.

Multiple redirect features:

  • Redirects from non-www to www
  • Redirects from all domains URLs HTTPS vs. HTTP and many other Redirects
  • Highly recommended for those who want to customize redirects

Free Zadroweb SEO Auditor Tool

If you need a High-level SEO Overview tool then this free Zadroweb SEO Auditor tool from ZAADROWEB is the best.

Not just SEO experts but also in-house agencies, and marketers make use of our excellent technical SEO audit tool to study ranking factors for search engine rankings. You can quickly find out the factors affecting the visibility of your website using this tool.

Technical SEO – You can keep track of on-page SEO factors such as keyword data, user experience, meta-analysis, page load speed, and a lot more.

Authority Metrics SEMRush and Moz are tools that check domain authority metrics to provide you an insight into the ranking authority of your website.

The tool also makes available PDF reports.

Free Answer The Public Tool

Free Answer The Public Tool is an excellent solution for the writers to come up with exciting ideas for their blogs and articles. It analyzes the various search phrases to allow writers to come up with meaningful and useful content for the readers. Free version can be accessed by anyone.

AnswerThePublic gives out very useful information about the kind of searches people are making on Google related to your keywords. It can do so because it has access to auto-complete data from various search engines. It is a goldmine of consumer insight you can use to create fresh, ultra-useful content, products, and services.

Free Google Location Changer (SERPs) Tool

Free Google Location Changer is a great tool to search multiple locations using this tool.

Do you want Google to not identify your location? You simply need to use Google Location Changer which makes Google believe you were searching from a location other than where you are. You can also find out your SERP using this free tool quickly and easily using this free tool.

Free Google Trends Tool

With Google Trends, you can check if there is traffic on a selected keyword. You can also find searches based on locations (regions and languages)

Google trends tool is an excellent tool where anyone can analyse the popularity of the top search queries in google search across various regions & languages. Graphs are used to compare search volume of different queries over time.

seo packages
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