Difference between PPC vs SEO. Why SEO is Important for Business?

The Real Reason for Clients to Invest in SEO is this example.

Look at the 2 different scenarios.

A- The client chooses PPC and spends $5000 on the promotion of his website. He is happy with the increased sales. But once Google ads come to an end, sales take a hit and he is back to square 1. 

B- The client hires an SEO service and pays $500 for the optimization of his website. He sees higher organic traffic and increased visibility of his business. He continues to reap the benefits even after one year as SEO results are long-term. Find here SEO Toronto price – Optimize your site for $99 only

Paid Ads are best for short term

SEO is best for the Long term ( Advantages – Low cost entry / Keywords target can be expanded/ Organic Traffic)

Why SEO is Important for Business

5 Points Why Should Clients Invest in SEO?

1) Organic Traffic

SEO brings organic traffic to a website. It is the most important benefit of SEO. You get visits and conversions only if your customers see your URL in the first page results shown by Google.

SEO gets a high ranking for many keywords for your website so that you get a high amount of traffic and conversions. SEO is regarded as more powerful than PPC in terms of inquiries, leads, and conversions.  

2) Rankings

Traffic alone doesn’t mean much if your visitors do not find what they came searching for. You need a top rank for a specific keyword if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. The higher the ranking for popular keywords, the higher the amount of organic traffic to your website. 

Why SEO is Important for Business ? – The main reason is ranking of keywords in Google which brings in Traffic + Backlinks back to your site organically. Find here affordable seo services for small businesses

SEO helps in getting a higher rank for multiple keywords which translates into increased visibility and improved traffic. 

Google loves it when a website has backlinks from high-authority websites. In the simplest of terms, a backlink is one website linking to another website through a keyword or a sentence. Google assumes your business is reliable when it finds backlinks from other important websites linking to your site. SEO helps you in securing quality backlinks. It is seen as a sign of trustworthiness by Google and it gives a high rank to your website.  Read from Google Backlinks and reconsideration requests

4) Cost &Conversions

SEO is a highly cost effective marketing technique because it can target potential customers interested in your products and services. In contrast to outbound marketing methods like cold calling, SEO cost is low because it is inbound in nature. On page SEO Optimization tarts from $99 the best way to start investing in SEO.

As it brings in traffic that is already searching for your products and services, chances of conversion and increased profits are significantly high with SEO. 

5) ROI Revenue

SEO gives a high ROI because of its quality of traffic. A high amount of traffic and increased sales can help you recover all the investment you have made in your business in the form of SEO costs.

The results given by SEO are measurable and trackable. Many business owners wrongly assume that SEO is only for some industries and large business houses. The fact is that SEO can be carried out on all types of websites belonging to any industry or sector under the sun. It can be used for all kinds of websites. You can easily know your ROI from SEO by comparing the number of visitors, the rank of your website, and sales.

Investing in SEO for the Long Term

Conclusion from GENESISMINDS

  • What sets SEO apart and makes it appealing to me is its remarkable cost-effectiveness. When compared to PPC or any paid advertising, the long-term benefits of SEO become crystal clear.

  • The success of SEO hinges on the strategic selection of keywords that drive traffic and secure valuable backlinks for your website. Achieving high rankings for targeted keywords not only brings in organic traffic but also fosters the creation of natural backlinks, elevating the value of SEO as an investment.

  • Why would anyone willingly spend $5K on PPC when you can achieve comparable results by allocating just $500 per month to SEO? The disparity is substantial because SEO empowers you with complete control over your website’s traffic, pages, and keywords.

  • You even have the flexibility to channel your traffic from the homepage to specific subpages or category pages, maximizing user engagement and conversion opportunities.

  • If your aim is long-term success, investing in SEO is undoubtedly the wisest decision. Unlike short-term solutions, SEO offers sustainable growth and tangible outcomes. While PPC may have its advantages, it primarily thrives in delivering immediate gains, lacking the enduring impact that SEO provides. Ultimately, when considering your options, it’s crucial to weigh the financial aspects and allocate your budget wisely, ensuring optimal returns on your investment.

  • Why SEO is important for business SEO Investment is beneficial not only for Big corporations but also small medium business owners who can save there money & utilize it in targeting targeted traffic based on there niche & location. The end result will be long term natural success.

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