Execute a Link Building Strategy

Execute a link building strategy requires solid planning & customized link strategy. A well planned link building strategy will reap excellent results in the long term. Link building is not an easy process it will take hell lot of time but if you are consistent with your efforts then in the long run you can see awesome results in Google itself.

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execute a link building strategy

1) News Jacking:

Promoting the website or content with the help of NewsJacking, a digital tool that finds marketing opportunities in news stories is possible. Link building becomes easy using NewsJacking by sharing your thoughts and opinions. 

This technique is highly effective as it helps create trust as an expert in the eyes of the customers searching for related content. 

To use NewJacking best, you must have the latest information about your industry. Read news and listen to podcasts to create less than a day-old content. This tool can be used for different sectors such as lifestyle, finance, etc. 

You can use NewJacking not only on your website but also on other websites that may have an interest in your stories. 

As the name implies, it is an exercise of reclaiming links that make a mention of your website. 

Link Reclamation is used by big businesses that usually get a lot of coverage from the press. However, you can get the desired results with it even if you run a small business

How to fix Link Reclamation?

  • You can request a website to restore your link if it used it for a while and later discarded it.
  • You can ask a website to give proper credit and include your link if it mentions your business but does not contain the link. 

linkbuilding with image strategy

Images eat up space but also catch your visitors’ attention and get clicks from them. You can secure backlinks for these images if they are attractive, beautiful, and engaging. Use various types of images such as graphics, infographics, cartoons, and product photos to get a large number of backlinks. 

Keep in mind to ensure that links take your customers to pages where they can see them in detail.  Link must direct user to the main page where the image is placed rather than the directory. Image links must not lead to dead paths with extensions like .jpeg or .png because the traffic will be wasted.

Check backlinks on your competitors’ websites to know which type of content attracts the most backlinks. Is it listicles, opinion pieces, how-to guides, or something else that you don’t know about? 

Once you know, create similar content types to attract quality backlinks. This is one of the most popular link-building strategies these days.  

5) Linkable Assets

      Some content is so engaging that it evokes feelings and readers are tempted to share it with their friends. Such content is referred to as a linkable asset as it brings backlinks in a natural manner.  You need to come up with high-quality and original content that is so interesting that other websites link back to it without asking. 

Cut down on search engine optimization costs per month by creating linkable assets. 

Examples include the following:

  • Infographics
  • Original research and data studies
  • Calculators
  • Free tools
  • How to guides
  • Get backlinks naturally with impressive content

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